Great value lessons, priceless memories.

Our Team

We are dedicated to international visitors and all lessons are conducted in English by a team of professional and accredited instructors and trainers from Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Tareesa Straatmans
Tareesa Straatmans Director
Leon Tarbotton
Leon Tarbotton Snowsports Manager
Chris Lewczynski
Chris Lewczynski Snowsports & Training Manager - Family Base
Ben Koeller
Ben Koeller Snowsports Supervisor
Emma Fordyce
Emma Fordyce Snowsports Supervisor
Sergeja Gradisek
Sergeja Gradisek Children Program Supervisor
Mike Holland
Mike Holland Adults and Privates Supervisor - Family Base
Richard Naunton-Evans
Richard Naunton-Evans Privates Supervisor - Gondola Base

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