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Gate 2 - Annupuri Peak Gate

Gate 2 – Annupuri Peak - Naka One

Access: Gate 2 is situated to the left of the top of the Jumbo 4 chair in Annupuri

Aspect: Westerly, South Westerly

Safety Considerations: Hiking up from Gate 2 toward the Annupuri peak can be time consuming and exhausting, in unstable, windswept and icey conditions. Exit points are in an avalanche run out. Visibility can change quickly and at the top, steep drop points visibility is often low.

Jenny Yuka 13

Located at the Western ridge line of Annupuri Ski Resort, the Front Bowl is awesome for its easy access and fun terrain.

Not quite as steep as the Back Bowl and without the need to hike to gain access, take a left at the top of the Jumbo 4 Chair and make the short walk over to Gate 2. Turn on your beacon and step out into the Front Bowl where you can traverse across to the Western Ridge for some great wind-loaded east aspects.

Beyond that is the Centre Ridge (Naka-one) where you can make your way down the ridge line for some great open pow fields. Sharing a common ridgeline with the Back Bowl your chosen line will deposit you back in the creek that snakes its way back to Annupuri.

Don’t like traversing? Drop straight in and carve up the dry, light pow amassed in the trees below. Well-spaced and with a gentle pitch, this is great for the intermediate to advanced skier or boarder.

Whatever your adventure, it all funnels down in to a super-surfy half-pipe like creek that once filled in runs for nearly half a kilometer back to the corner of the Annupuri resort boundary.

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