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Gate 5 - Hanazono Gate

Gate 5 - Hanazono Gate

Access: Accessed by hiking directly behind the top of Hanazono 3 lift.

Aspect: Easterly

Safety Considerations: Common area for skiers traversing, can cause large ruts in the snow which can catch riders off guard. Cornice frequently develops at the skiers left of the lift, terrain traps at the bottom gully if you don’t exit back under the Hanazono lift in time.


With easy access from the top of Hanazono 3 chair and access back into the resort without hiking, Gate 5 is a great way to introduce yourself to the Niseko backcountry.

Traverse a little to the left and drop in to the open pow fields and gully of Fujiwara no sawa. The pitch is mellow and spacious with an easy run back out  to the chair.

Traverse right and you will find some of the best spaced trees in the resort. A natural snow magnet filters down Niseko’s world class pow onto some well-spaced trees on an intermediate pitch slope.

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