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Gate 8 - Hachi-ban Gate

Gate 8 - Hachi-ban Gate

Access: Travel down from Annupuri Jumbo #4 along the boundary rope until you find gate 8, the last entry point in to the Osawa bowl. Also accessible via a short traverse/walk from the top of the Annupuri Gondola. 

Aspect: Westerly, South Westerly 

Safety Considerations: Avalanche risk exists, do not traverse across to the opposite cornice slopes.

Powder Guiding Skiing Hr 4

The trees are a little tight and the vertical a little less but gate 8 is always a great option on those rare sun-drenched days because of the shaded pow it offers. Take your time as you enter and you can find the best line as it opens up through the middle and into the natural half-pipe at the bottom.

More suited to the adventurous, advanced skier or boarder who is comfortable in the trees, this gate is a great place to get out of the wind and sun and shred some light pow.

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