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6 Tips to Make Learning to Ski Easier

10 August, 2017

While taking a ski lesson is an important part of learning to ski, there's a few other things to keep in mind when taking to the slopes.

Here's a few things to get you on your way to learning to ski this winter in Niseko:

1. Be Prepared

Set yourself up for success by getting organised well before you plan to hit the slopes.

Avoid any stress, rushing around or waiting in queues by booking all of your ski gear and lessons, and purchasing lift tickets, at least the day before you intend to ski. Prepare all of your ski clothing and gear the night before so you know where everything is so you're good to go without fuss.

Plus, be sure to eat a wholesome breakfast as learning to ski will take some energy!

2. Dress right, keep warm

There is nothing much worse than feeling cold and wet on the mountain while you are trying to learn. Invest in some good quality clothing designed for the snow that will keep you cosy and dry.

If you prefer to rent some gear for your holiday, that's no problem! Let the helpful team at YamaSport fit you out with everything that you need.

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Keep cosy in specially-designed snow clothing.

3. Get the right equipment

Give yourself the best chance of nailing those turns with the right ski gear, including skis, ski poles, goggles and helmet. Let the experts help you find the best equipment for you. Rentals are available in Niseko as well as our all-inclusive Adult First-Timer Pack.

4. Take a Lesson

Ski lessons are biggest thing someone can do to help themselves to learn to ski (and to have a fun time at the same time!). Skiing is not something that will just happen; learning the right techniques and know-how is the key to being able to ski and to avoid injury.

Choose from a range of lessons available, from First-Timer programs to Private and Group Lessons, as well as classes for kids from 3 years of age. There's a program to suit you and your abilities.

Young or just young at heart; we have a program to suit you.

5. Embrace the fall

Everyone is going to fall down when they are learning; it's all part of the process. You'll be sure to get the hang of it in no time with the help of our qualified, expert instructors. And, don't forget Niseko's snow is one of the most powdery in the world so what better place to land, right?!

6. Have fun with your new skills

Nothing gets you more confident out on the slopes than using your new found skills. Have fun exploring Niseko's mountainside with your family and friends and you'll improve your ability each and every time. As they say, practice makes perfect!

To find the right lesson for you, including skiing and snowboarding group and private lessons, browse our range of programs.

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