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GoSnow Skis with Local Children for Annual Orphan Ski Day

30 March, 2018

GoSnow are proud to be a part of the annual Orphan Ski Day which is co-hosted by Tokyu Resort Services, Hokkaido Tourism Management (HTM), SkyExpress and An Dining. The event which happens in early spring aims to give the orphan children in the local community a chance to enjoy the snow on Grand Hirafu. The event took place on the 29th March and will be held again on the 4th April. 

We started the fun filled day of activities by greeting the children after they were dropped off by SkyExpress who kindly provided the transportation of the children from the local child care facility. At the base, our friendly GoSnow instructors divided the children into three groups and handed out ski lift passes along with ski equipment donated by Tokyu. 

After the opening ceremony, we could already the see the excitement of the kids to start skiing and play with the snow. We waited no further and immediately took everyone up for our Ninja Kids' warm up exercise and their first ski lesson of the day! 

We took a quick lunch break at An Dining, located minutes away from the slopes. The lunch was absolutely fantastic and exactly what our kids needed to refuel and go up the mountain again for more fun.

After lunch, we went up to ski for several more hours and did a practise run for the race between the teams. The competitive spirit of the children really came through with how determined everyone was to win! Even our GoSnow instructors joined in and were beyond confident that their team of kids would win the race!

When the race took place, we were proud to see the children support and cheer each other on. It brought us great joy to see the kids who were scared to ski at the start, roam freely in our expanded learning area and make it down the race course at the very end. At the closing ceremony, we presented each child with their own special certificate and the winners with a cap to celebrate their achievement and remember their day out. 

Our GoSnow instructors were sad to see them go after making a special bond with each kid but we know we will definitely meet again next year! 

Orphan Ski Day 2018 60
Sad to see them go! Our GoSnow Instructors say goodbye to the kids after spending a great day together!