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Highlights From The Niseko Rail Jam

09 February, 2017
Railjam Midtown Red Bull20170204 0071
Competition getting air at the Niseko Rail Jam.

If you weren't at the Niseko Rail Jam event last weekend, then don’t worry, because we’ve got the full run down on what was of one of the events of the season here in Niseko.

Over 1000 spectators headed on over to the Niseko Rail Jam held in Niseko Hirafu on Saturday 24th February from 5-7pm, to soak up the incredible ski and snowboard rail action. Together, with our friends at Experience Niseko, Rhythm, Nisade and RedBull, the event was a hit we presented what was a truly great rail jam event for both spectators and competitors alike, and was a special treat to those visiting Niseko on vacation.

The jam kicked off with a run of three heats of ten, pushing competitor numbers out to 30. There was also an great influx of junior entrants wanting to be part of the action which meant that we were able to run a straight final for them between the heats and finals of the open age group. Judged by Nitro riders, Nils Arvidsson, and Markus Keller, as well as GoSnow's very own Leon Tarbotton.

Railjam Midtown Red Bull20170204 0084
Snowboarder showing off his skills at the Jam,

Heat one saw Chris Smith, Tim Herbert and Josh Fawcett go through to the final. Heat two was so hotly contested that the judges sent through four competitors in: Pablo Sanchez Gamella, Jens Christiansen, Allie Coates and Jaume Pons. Heat three qualifying runs for the final were Ori Bernstein, Sam Klomp and William Boulanger.

Many competitors who had strong heats were unable to put together the same variety, consistency and competitive runs in the final that they had earlier in the night.

The final ended with:
Ori Bernstein 6th (snowboard)
Jens Christensen 5th (ski)
William Boulanger 4th (ski)
Jaume Pons 3rd (snowboard)
Chris Smith 2nd (snowboard)
Allie Coates 1st (snowboard)

Railjam Midtown Red Bull20170204 0060
Snowboarder warming up for the competition in the late afternoon.

Spectators used every vantage point possible to get a glimpse of the action amazing skills of the competitors, which included 17 snowboarders and 13 skiers in the open even, including six female snowboarders.

Some made signs to show there support and each competitor seemed to have their own support crew in the crown screaming, yelling, clapping and dancing when they landed tricks.

RJ from Rhythm controlled the mic and had the crowd pumped with some comic relief and topic specific freestyle raps to the beats produced by the RedBull Hummer.

Railjam Midtown Red Bull20170204 0079
RJ from Rhythm keeping the crowd amused between tricks.

There were also brief appearances from or GoSnow Ninja Kid, and the two Kutchan potato mascots, which we a lot of fun! Redbull wing girls handed out free cans, crowd prizes and prizes for the competitors by both Nisade and Rhythm.

GoSnow's big yellow shuttle bus, along with Nisade and Rhythm shuttles, helped get the crowd back up to town. With competition over it was on to Tamashii for the presentation, RedBull movie screening and after party.

With the event turning out to be a huge success with the collaborations of all event sponsors, there's word there could be another similar event in the future and possibly again before the end of this season. Until then, enjoy more great snaps from the Niseko Rail Jam below in our gallery and we hope to see you at our next event!