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Ninja Kids Ability Levels

Yellow Ninja

Yellow Ninjas

  • Current ability: This is my first time skiing / I have tried skiing and need to practice stopping
  • Terrain: Flat area, magic carpet.
  • Goals: To have fun and develop balance in the snow, to learn about ski equipment and be able to stop on a small slope
Orange Ninja Kids Mascot 3

Orange Ninjas

  • Current ability: I can stop and I am learning to turn
  • Terrain: Magic carpet
  • Goals: To be able to control speed and turn in both directions
Green Ninja

Green Ninjas

  • Current ability: I can link wedge turns on the magic carpet
  • Terrain: Starting on the magic carpet and moving to beginner chairlift terrain
  • Goals: To link turns on a green run and ride the chairlift safely
Blue Ninja

Blue Ninjas

  • Current ability: I can confidently wedge turn and I am working on parallel turns
  • Terrain: Challenging green & red runs
  • Goals: To ski parallel on green runs and to try more difficult terrain.
Black Ninja

Black Ninjas

  • Current ability: I can ski parallel on all green and some red runs
  • Terrain: On and off-piste, green, red, and some black runs
  • Goals: To ski parallel in more challenging terrain and explore the mountain in a variety of snow conditions