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Ninja Kids Ability Levels

Yellow Ninja

Yellow Ninjas

This group will focus on introducing enjoyment and confidence in the snow, and will include time on skis focusing on balance, movement and learning to stop.

Green Ninja

Green Ninjas

In this group your child will be introduced to turning in the safety of the Ninja Kids' Learning Area, they will also learn to glide and stop at greater distances. Green Ninjas will be using the magic carpet and preparing their skills for the green learning zones and beginner lifts.

Blue Ninja

Blue Ninjas

This group will focus on developing their skills to be able to explore different areas of the mountain. Blue Ninjas are able to ride the beginner bowl of the holiday lift and are working on matching their skis at the end of the turn and venturing onto more difficult terrain.

Black Ninja

Black Ninjas

This group will focus on taking their skills to more challenging terrain including red and black runs. Skill development will include working on a wide stance parallel and improving edging skills. Poles may be introduced at this level.

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