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General FAQ

What are your payment terms?
  • A 20% deposit is required within 7 days of your reservation and the outstanding balance is due no later than 14 days prior to your lesson start date.
  • Reservations made within 14 days of commencement of the lesson requires full payment at the time of booking.
  • GoSnow reserves the right to cancel any lessons which have not be paid by the due dates.
What is your cancellation policy?
  • Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to commencement of the lesson will receive a full refund
  • Cancellations made between 7 days and 48 hours prior to the commencement of the lesson will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of the commencement of the lesson will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
Do I need to book my lessons in advance?

To avoid disappointment, it is best to book your lessons in advance.

Does the lesson price include lift pass and rental equipment?

No. Lift passes much be purchased for all lessons and rental equipment needs to be arranged. We are happy to make recommendations for rental equipment suppliers.

Which lift pass should I get?
  • If you are first timer to novice level we recommend a Grand Hirafu lift pass
  • If you are intermediate or advanced, we recommend an All Mountain lift pass
  • The pass needs to be for as long as the lesson. Eg. 3-hour lesson = 5-hour pass; 6-hour lesson = 8-hour or all-day pass
Do children need a lift pass?

Everyone participating in lessons is required to have a lift pass however for children under 7 years old they are free. All that is required is to pay a ¥1,000 deposit which you can get back once you return the lift pass. You must have your child with you when you get their pass.

Do I require a lift pass if I will only be on the magic carpet?

All participants in lessons are required to have a valid lift pass.

The weather forecast looks bad – will my lesson go ahead?

Lessons will commence if the mountain facilities are open and operating, and there is terrain available for your skill level. The instructor will adapt the lesson to suit your skill level and ensure that you are challenged.

Kids Lessons

I have two children in different age groups. Can they join the same group lesson?

We recommend that children participate in lessons that fit within their age range as they are specifically tailored to ensure the children get the most out of their lessons. If it is a necessity, older children can move down into the Ninja Kids, but we don't recommend this. Younger children cannot move up into the Yama Riders. A Private Lesson is a better option in this circumstance, provided they are the same ability level and the age gap isn't too large.

What happens if my children arrive late for their lesson?

GoSnow cannot guarantee that we will be able to have your children join their lesson if you arrive late. Please ensure you allow adequate time to arrive at 9:00am for check in.

What do I need to bring for my child?

Please ensure that your child is dressed adequately for their day on the mountain. Waterproof, warm outer layers, warm dry underclothes, gloves and goggles are required at a minimum. Please note, a helmet is required for all children participating in GoSnow lessons (including the Teen Program) Please ensure that you arrive for check in with children dressed, boots done up tight and ready to get out on the snow!

Will you provide food for my child?

Children in Full Day lessons are provided with lunch and this is included in the lesson price. Regular breaks are taken throughout the day and all children (including those in Half Day lessons) will have hot chocolate and drinks provided. It is a good idea to put some extra snacks in their pockets if you are concerned that they may get hungry.

My child is vegetarian – can you accommodate this?

We can accommodate vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free dietary requirements. Please make us aware of these at the time of booking so a special meal can be arranged. Please note; all GoSnow Kid Club’s are strictly nut-free facilities – please ensure any snacks containing nuts are left at home.

My child has learning difficulties – can they still join the lesson?

You can discuss the requirements of your child with our Guest Services team at the time of booking. As long as we are aware of any additional attention requirement or how your child will respond best, then we can more often than not provide a complete lesson with the other children in the group. It is best to let us know in advance so our instructor knows how to best interact with your child.

Can my 5 year old join a group snowboarding lesson?

Due to the coordination and strength of younger children, we don’t offer group snowboarding lessons for children under the age of 7. We are able to accommodate younger children in a private snowboarding lesson as they will have the focused, one on one tuition that is best to see the child improve in their skills.

What if there is a problem when my child is in their lesson?

If there is any problem, you will be contacted by our team as soon as possible to advise you of the situation. It is a requirement that a working emergency contact number is provided at the time of booking. This will also be checked when you are checking your child in for their lesson. Please ensure that this is switched on and you can be contacted at all times. It is not possible to reach guests via online applications.

Will I get a refund if my child decides they do not want to ski?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for this reason.

Can I watch my child in their lesson?

If you wish to watch your child’s lesson we ask that you watch from a distance; it is harder for little ones to bond with their instructor and class if they can see you. If you wish to check in on your child then lunchtime is best. Lunch will be served from approximately 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Adult Group Lessons

What happens if I am late to my group lesson?

GoSnow cannot guarantee that we will be able to have you join your lesson if you arrive late. Please ensure you allow adequate time to arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson for check in.

I am a skier and my friend is a snowboarder – can we be in the same lesson?

Ski and snowboard lessons are conducted separately and you cannot take part in the same group lesson.

Is lunch included in the lesson price?

Lunch is designed to be taken at the group’s leisure for 1 hour. Lunch is not provided.

Can I decide to change to a Private Lesson instead of a Group Lesson?

Ideally this decision would come prior to your lesson starting or at the very start of your day. If we have availability and you are not too far through your lesson, we would be happy to upgrade you to a Private Lesson – you will just need to see our Guest Services team to make payment for the upgraded lesson.

Private Lessons

How many people can be in a Private Lesson?

You can have up to 6 people within a Private Lesson. We recommend that participants are of a similar age and ability. The price will be the same for 1 person as it would be for 6 people.

What is the benefit of a Private Lesson over a Group Lesson?

Private lessons are great for accelerated learning. If you want to learn something specific, are getting over fears / injuries or prefer one on one attention, private lessons are for you. If you have some specific goals you would like to work towards, please let us know at the time of booking and we can ensure that we allocate the best instructor to help you achieve these goals.

I am a skier and my friend is a snowboarder – can we be in the same lesson?

Ski and snowboard lessons are conducted separately and you cannot take part in the same Private Lesson.

Can I request a certain instructor?

We love to receive instructor requests and will accommodate this where possible. Sometimes instructors have other lessons allocated to them that cannot be moved or there is also a possibility that they are sick or injured on the day you request them. If we are unable to fulfil your request we will allocate an instructor who fits the profile and experience you require.

I am Advanced and my friend is a Novice level – can we take the same lesson?

This is not recommended. The instructor will always tailor the lesson to the guest of the lowest ability in the group so if you are split abilities then you will not see the best progression. In order to get the best results from your lesson we recommend guests to be of a similar ability level.

It has been a long time since I last skied/snowboarded and I am unsure of my ability level – can you help?

You can have a look through our skills chart here to see which ability level best suits where you were the last time you were on the snow. If you have any further questions, please contact our team on [email protected]

I am unsure if I will be able to take part in a full day lesson – can I extend my lesson on the day?

As long as your instructor is available we can extend your lesson with no trouble!

My child is 2 years old – can they have a lesson?

For children under the age of 3 lessons need to be conducted in a one on one setting.

Can I request an instructor who can speak my native language?

You can certainly request this and we will do our best to accommodate. GoSnow have a diverse range of instructors from different countries and backgrounds. Please let us know of your request at the time of booking and if we have an instructor who can speak your native language we will allocate them to your lesson if they are available.

I’d like to have a lesson with my 3 children – is this possible?

Children tend to have very different learning styles from adults and progress at a slower rate. If you are looking to make the most of your time with the instructor and see good progression within your lesson, we recommend that you book separate Private Lessons for yourself and your children.

Can I start my lesson in Annupuri?

All GoSnow lessons must start and finish within Grand Hirafu. It is possible to make your way to other resorts in your lesson timeframe should weather and snow conditions as well as ability levels of the guests allow for this to happen.

I really liked the instructor I had yesterday – can I request to have them again tomorrow?

We will do our best to accommodate any instructor requests. Come and see us at Guest Services and we will see what we can do!

The Mountain

What clothing do I need for on the mountain in Niseko?

Temperatures during December to mid-March will generally range from 0 degrees to negative 10 degrees Celsius range. Please consider all of the items below for your time on the mountain.

  • Thermal underwear (both top and bottom)
  • Warm mid layer top (more layers if you feel the cold)
  • Water proof pants and jacket
  • Neck warmer/balaclava
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Goggles
  • Helmet

When not skiing, warm waterproof boots with grip (ice/snow is very slippery to walk on) are highly recommended.

What is the difference between an All Mountain and Grand Hirafu lift pass?

An All Mountain lift pass gives access to all four resorts on the Niseko-Annupuri mountain- Grand Hirafu, Annupuri, Niseko Village and Hanazono. A Grand Hirafu lift pass allows you to ski at Grand Hirafu and Hanazono. All lift passes are electronic and require a ¥1,000 deposit which can be collected from a deposit return machine at the resort after you have finished your last day of skiing.

What lift pass do I need to purchase for my lesson?
  • If you are first timer to novice level we recommend a Grand Hirafu lift pass
  • If you are intermediate or advanced, we recommend an All Mountain lift pass
  • The pass needs to be for as long as the lesson. Eg. 3-hour lesson = 5-hour pass; 6-hour lesson = 8-hour or all-day pass
Where do I get my ¥1,000 lift pass refund?

Lift pass machines are located conveniently at both our Gondola base (within the Mountain Center) and our Family Base (next to our Guest Services office) simply insert your card, follow the prompts, and collect your money!

How can I get to the other resorts on the mountain?

All the resorts are connected via lifts at the top of the mountain for intermediate and advanced skiers. Depending on conditions, some traversing may be required. Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Annupuri are also linked via the Niseko United Shuttle bus which is free for All Mountain lift pass holders. Hanazono can also be accessed via the complimentary Hanazono Shuttle from Grand Hirafu.

Do I need a separate lift pass for night skiing?

Night skiing is available at no extra cost if you have a valid lift pass for 1 day or longer. Please see the Grand Hirafu website here for planned night skiing lift operation dates and times.

How many ski runs are there at the resort?

There is a total of 61 ski runs across the whole Niseko United resort with 2,191 acres (8.87 km2) skiable. The lift system comprises 3 gondolas and 35 lifts in total.

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