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New Prize Ribbons For Our Outstanding Little Learners

02 February, 2017
Kids Ribbons
Outstanding achievement for Ninja Kid, Archie.

We love seeing our little learners making tracks in the their learn-to-ski journey. That's why we're celebrating their achievements with our new prize ribbons!

Every Thursday is our children's race day where we have a course set up for our Ninja Kids and Yama Riders with race gates, timers and a starter on the skiers left top half of Boyo run.

Children in group lessons are encouraged to take part in the fun races with the instructors recording all of their times and presenting first place and outstanding achievement award ribbons.

Kids Ribbons8
Ninja Kids after their fun races.

There is also a course set up on the magic carpet areas where the lower end levels can still get involved in the race day fun and competition.

Children in privates lessons are also encouraged to have a go through the course and get a time and a ribbon.

The ribbons all come with a small safety pin and can be worn well after the lesson is over so kids can celebrate their successes!

Find out more about our Ninja Kids and Yama Riders programs.

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